Women speak differently about the same issues. We speak with different dialects, words, accents and perspectives - speaking for women in our own way. WIN facilitates women's communication. We can now speak together across boundaries, through cyberspace on issues concerning women, our families and our earth. These can be powerful statements to support change and equality for women of all ages, cultures, abilities, and religions everywhere.

WIN and CAWA have been connecting women and girls voices for twelve years – many without access to public policy forums. They now access the internet and are raising their voices in collective action. We dedicate WOMENSPEAK to them and invite you to SPEAK UP! SPEAK OUT! MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT TODAY’S FLASHPOINTS?

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On July 16, 2008, Marilyn Fowler, WIN President and CEO, interviewed Malalai Joya, MP from Afghanistan, at an International Museum of Women Speaker Series. Here is the interview and we encourage you to continue your support of Afghan women. For further remarks from Malalai, please read this and visit our Afghan web site by clicking here.

Click below to listen to Marilyn Fowler and Rose Aguilar interviewed on the Joan Kenley show.


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