Women's Intercultural Network (WIN) is an international non-profit organization, consultative to the United Nations, based in San Francisco, CA. that links women and girls across cultures, globally and locally for collective action on common critical concerns. Win's goal is to ensure that the voices of all women and girls are heard by providing venues and forums for the voices of our sisters who have not been able to participate fully in Democracy.

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WIN programs are supported by donations from individuals, foundations, corporations and memberships of organizations and institutions. All donations are tax-deductible, and will be acknowledged in the appropriate publication, program or business venture. *

To donate and become a WIN member, click here. You can also donate to the circles or join CAWA. If you need more membership information, please contact [email protected]. Contributors receive information and schedules on WIN activities and programs, and depending on the level of support are able to:

Participate in WIN training and events for women from other countries

Be accredited as a Delegate to United Nations Commision on Women sessions

Receive advance notice of all programs and events

Receive a discount to all WIN programs and seminars

Serve as a host for women from other countries in the WOMANSTAY program

Meet one-on-one with business and academic women from other countries

Participate in group trips to other countries to meet with overseas counterparts

Explore the arts cross-culturally

Participate in interactive discussions and chats on the Internet